The Story

Outback BBQ stands - How it all started...

In 2012 my wife and I decided to take 3 months off work and head North with our family and some friends in our campervans.

As it is with all good mates, we enjoyed getting together to discuss and prepare our vehicles for the road trip. This included, what and how we were going to cook. The decision of how we were going to cook was pretty easy, Weber BABY Q BBQ’s of course.

After seeing how other people used their Weber BABY Q BBQ’s, (either placing them on a trestle table or using other bulky stands that took up too much room), my mate suggested that we make a box which would double as storage and a stand. I decided we could do one better, and set about fabricating a steel stand that was super strong and would store under the BBQ when not in use. I made up 4 detachable legs that sat the Weber at a very comfortable height when cooking. I attached some hooks for the tools and hotplates to hang and a side table to put your food on. I instantly saw how handy this stand was going to become and the small amount of storage room that it would take up as it stored away under the Weber BABY Q lifting it by a mere 5mm.

On the trip we had many people stopping at our campsite to ask us about them. This confirmed for me that not only did I think it was a great idea, but so did everyone else.

After getting back to Adelaide I let the idea of the BBQ stands go for a while, but since then I have made a more refined version of the stand, with telescopic legs and a table that all folded up into the stand and sat nicely under the Weber BABY Q . The next step was a patent to protect this idea and finally get into production.

The response to the design has been very exciting as too have been the amount of people that have already purchased one of these stands, before they were even finished.

We have now added a chopping board and a washing up tub as optional extras, so now it really is a multi-function stand that all campers should have!

Outback BBQ Stands